Thursday, December 11, 2008

Our She-Devil turns 2!

It is official; yesterday my darling daughter turned two. Of course she had a birthday party with a My Little Pony cake, which she tenderly refers to as her “Hee Haw cake”. To Zoe, there are no horses, only donkeys. I hope that doesn’t indicate what kind of boys she will date when she is older. On the other hand, aren’t donkeys/pack mules seen as sturdy and reliable? From a parent perspective that must be better than the wild stallion. I’m sure it’s something quite different from a teenage girl’s point of view. The comparison must be similar to dating the nice guy. You know the one I’m talking about, the one who is always “the friend”. Thank God we aren’t there yet. As eager as I am for Zoe to outgrow the terrible two’s, I’m nowhere near ready for twelve through twenty four, and Lord knows her daddy isn’t!

Back to Birthday Joy (but aren't the tangents fun!)…..We celebrated with candlelit muffins in the morning. Our Christmas tree was transformed into a birthday tree, a highlight to Parker who is going to be sorely disappointed that he won’t have a Birthday tree for his January 9th birthday. And while Parker and Owen fully appreciated the candles and decoration, our Sweet Zoe was interested in birthday cake. Prior to yesterday she related birthdays to only one thing and that was CAKE! Yes, she sings happy birthday. Yes, she thoroughly enjoyed unwrapping her gifts with assistance from Owen and Lilly, but the highlight was the birthday cake that she cried about all afternoon. She sobbed. She clung to my leg. She climbed on the counter. It nearly took calling in the Marines to keep her from accomplishing her mission of capture the cake.

Thankfully the arrival of family and friends distracted her from her mission to engulf herself in cake. We stuffed animals and had snacks, and then we unwrapped gifts. A highlight at any birthday party, especially because all of the kids want to help. It’s great practice for Christmas morning this time of year. We now have more Barbies and My Little Ponies that necessary. In fact, Santa is reconsidering. Also received was a much needed kitchen, which was a grand idea; however the play food could go. Who knew that stepping on a plastic French fry could hurt?
What happens when Landon and I stumble upon a drum stick or banana? Will it rival the Matchbox car or lego?

Overall, our She Devil had a splendid birthday filled with lots of family and friends. It was exactly how a birthday should be, one filled with love. So congrats to you, Ladybug, for making it thus far. And a bigger congrats to daddy for successfully managing two full years of having a princess.

We love you Zoe! And despite what Owie tells his preschool teacher, we have no plans on giving you away as tempting as it may be sometimes!

Pics to come!

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