Thursday, December 11, 2008

My Love Affair with Edward

Thankfully I can say that I have put this love affair to bed. Not literally of course, although I know what you’re thinking! It’s unfortunate that Edward can’t be put to bed…literally. (Kamille-that’s directed at well as just about every mom in my moms group! I think I might be partial to Jasper…at least the movie version. )

My Twilight obsession is dwindling. I can once again sleep nights and not look at my dearest hubby to wonder what I am missing. I don’t need the intensity or drama of loving a vampire. Nor do I need to have the insecurities of a teenage girl. Marriage is hard enough as it is and the teens where hell. Who would want to relive them?

The intensity of a new relationship is something that seriously sucks with marriage. The newness that is full of surprise, suspense and flirtation somehow dissolves into daily routines. How is it that fun can be sucked out so easily and that responsibilities have to be such a bummer? Yes, I said bummer. However, there are bright sides. No more dating. Feel free to let you leg hair grow (too bad I'm a compulsive leg shaver.) And thankfully kids add a lot of humor to a marriage. Because laughter is critical in a successful marriage, at least it is in mine! Although, I must give Landon credit. He does provide a lot of humor which often turns into hysterical laughter!

So thank you Ms. Meyers for developing your Twilight characters so thoroughly. Once back down in reality, I appreciate my hubby and my family a bit more. The fact that my idea of a chase scene is running after a two year in attempts to get her dressed if just fine by me, albeit sometimes equally emotional draining as having someone trying to kill you. Well, maybe that's an exaggeration, but not by much!

But Edward, if you are out there....feel free to visit my dreams from time to time!

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