Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Kindergartener & The Preschooler

The Kindergartener (written Sept 3rd 2008)
The countdown is over and the first day of kindergarten is HERE! Parker’s enthusiasm is contagious. My two minutes of sadness left last night. I’m sure if I got out his baby book I’d tear up a bit, but I’ll save my sentimental moments for another day. Today, I am happy. I am happy to know that I have five half days a week with only two of my little blessings.

I don’t know what my expectations were once Parker entered the classroom this morning. I thought he might hold my hand and be a bit unsure. I didn’t know I could be so wrong. Parker surprised me with this delightful confidence. He walked in, greeted his teacher (she knew his name which made him happy), promptly put his backpack in the coat room and found his seat. He needed no guidance from his teacher. As for me, there was not a kiss, a hug or even a goodbye. He was ready and his confidence and enthusiasm filled the room….as least in this mother’s eyes.

I think much of Parker’s enthusiasm is the fact that he gets to ride the school bus home, but the possibility of bringing the classroom show and tell bucket, known as the Mystery Bucket, home
comes in close second. Don’t get me wrong, he loves going to school. He is excited to learn, but a school bus to a five year old is magnificent. In our house it has risen past the almighty fire truck and the spaceship in status.

Another school perk this morning was the PTO hosted Boo-Hoo Breakfast for the mothers of kindergarteners. Owen, Zoe & I went to check it out. We’d already had breakfast, but how many of us really pass up the chance at free food? I was surprised at how few mothers were at the breakfast. I also found that the Boo-Hoo breakfast is misnamed and should be known as the Hip Hip Hooray Breakfast. A few of the mothers were downright giddy that another child was in school. Push them out and ship them off!

My morning without Parker was full of busy to dos but I still had plenty of time to obnoxiously wait for the school bus outside my house with camera in hand. Yes, I did indeed see the bus driver chuckle as he told Parker to smile. While I’m sure this behavior was nothing new for a kindergartener’s mother, I was slightly embarrassed. It was an embarrassment that I will wear with pride.

Now the interrogation began. Grandma Shirley and Grandpa Stan had come over to hear about Parker’s first day of KINDERGARTEN. We drilled the boy with questions and this is what we learned. Not much. He likes his teacher, he liked recess and he made friends with a nameless boy that was wearing the same shirt as Parker. All day I’ve been trying to get bits more, but there hasn’t been much. He and his classmates sat on the carpet and Mrs. Hadlock read them story. He also tells about a room that only five students at a time can go into…special toys, I think, but I’m not quite sure. Talking to a five year old is similar to a challenging riddle. There was one last thing I did learn about Parker’s first day, his disappointment in not bringing home the show and tell bucket.

The Preschooler
Today was also Owen’s preschool open house. Parker’s enthusiasm has obviously carried over into Owie. All morning it’s been constant questions about preschool…mostly, “Is it time to go yet?” Today he got to meet his teacher, Mrs. Kirsten. “O” doesn’t realize that he knows Mrs. Kirsten as Parker’s preschool teacher from last year, but the fact that she knew him made him happy. The fact that she had brownies simply sweetened the deal.

Owen has to wait until Monday to start preschool. I’m sure his excitement will continue especially once he learns about show and tell. I guarantee that every Wednesday he will take something regarding dinosaurs because to Owie life revolves around dinosaurs. In fact, my final mission before preschool begins is to get Owen to talk like a normal three year old. Currently and especially in public, he roars. Occasionally, he’ll tell you what type of dinosaur he is for the moment.

Piano Man
And to top the day off, today is also Parker’s first day of piano lessons. I’m sitting outside Mrs. Blackburn’s house patiently awaiting a detailed report. I have this feeling that by 8pm we will all be exhausted from all of the days new experiences. And with any luck the confidence and enthusiasm will continue through the school year and through life.
Ahh, piano was a success!!!

So, play me a song Mister Piano Man…….

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