Thursday, August 7, 2008

Our Tropical Salt Lake City Vacation

So Salt Lake isn't what one would call tropical, but this year we enjoyed it as our summer vacation. We stayed at my mom's house for a week to house and pet sit while she (Toni) and my step-dad Delbert when to Oregon to see Delbert's uncle's 100th Birthday party....seriously, I hope I don't live that long.

We had a great week. It was a nice combination of family, friends, activities and just a bit of relaxing. I understand the concept of "vacation" is relaxing, but I like to go and do, not sit. Landon specifically requested that there be some sleeping in and down time.

We took the kids to Thanksgiving Point where we visited the Museum of Ancient Life and the farm. Talk about a great museum. My boys loved every minute of it and that includes my hubby. He probably had the most fun of all of us. After the museum we went to the farm. Landon named all of the animals. Landon and the kids petted a donkey (better known as both jackass and democrat) and the calf (Veal). Both animals got jealous when the other was getting attention. The calf kept ramming the donkey's kennel and the donkey was jumping around screaming. Oh, and the boys got to milk a cow. It was only three squirts each, but they thought that was fun. Landon was disgusted by it.

We hit the zoo while we were there too. It's not quite the zoo I remember as a kid. A lot of animals seemed to be gone. The lions and the polar bears are no more. A trip to the zoo is a trip to the zoo. They don't fascinate Landon or myself (well, maybe if we went in the spring), but the kids, particularly Zoe, really enjoyed it. She was all about the cats. The snow leopard looked her up and down asif he was ready to take a bite. Her favorite cats, where the small ones that looked like house cats. She would have loved to cuddle with them.

Our last big outing was Lagoon. Grandma Toni kept Zoe for the day and we took the boys. It was fun. No major meltdowns...well until it was time to leave, but the bride of cotton candy brought back smiling faces. I had two highlights of the day. First was taking Owen on the Log Ride. He shrieked when he got wet. Everyone is line was laughing. I had a hard time getting out of the log he was shrieking so loud. Immediately following that we took him on the river rafting ride. Of course I told him he wouldn't get wet! As we approached the waterfall, I decided I'd better cover him as much as possible, but it really didn't do much good. Surprisingly, he was okay with the river rafting as long as he didn't have to do it again.

My second favorite part of the day wasn't a moment, but the facial expressions and the joy you could see on the boys faces. It's stands out best on the Musical Express. Owie was hellbent on keeping his hands up the entire ride. His eyes were open as wide as they go. He put so much effort into keeping his hand up that there were no sounds coming from his smiling lips....unusual for Owen, who is the loudest kid I've ever met.

Our vacation was also filled with lots of family time. We went swimming with my brother Nate and his family. Nick, my nephew-age 6, was jumping off the diving board when he slipped into a perfect dive. Nick was terrified, but I think the crowd gave it a perfect 10. My brother has identical twins, Erik & Zack who are always fun to watch.

Family time, includes Kamille. We've been friends for years and for some odd reason we've never gotten sick of each other. Kamille has been married for almost 11 years and has four kids. This was the first time we've ever spent time together with our families. Typically when we see each other our husbands keep the kids and we go to lunch. I can officially say I like her husband Jeff. Prior to the 24th of July, he was just Jeff. There was no personality attached to it. To my surprise he is quite a delight. Their kids; Ethan, Maya, Kate and Logan are equally delightful and probably the most polite children I've ever met. Go Kamille!

Fun with Kamille includes a combination of white trash meets high school. The huge hill in her backyard allows for a thrilling homemade slip'n'slide. Parker's bloody nose and my grass burns ought to sum up the speed of the slide.

The best part of our vacation was the date night that Kamille planned. We went water sliding down a drainage covert under the I-215. No kids for this...and while I first questioned if I might die, I quickly realized that was absurd and the worst thing that could happen was being arrested. There's nothing like adding a bit of thrill to your life!

There were lots of other things that we did on our tropical vacation, but these few things needed to be highlighted for my memory's sake. Sadly, I can offer no photos. Our camera decided to die the first day we were there.

As for having a hometown vacation, I highly recommend it! Maybe next year, we'll vacation in Vernal. While everyone thinks this small town is vacant, I find it's a treasure if you scratch the we've got a 42" rule for Disneyland.

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Oh my word. Lol!!! White trash meets high school. Can I frame that?