Thursday, March 11, 2010

Semi Annual Update and a few random pics!

The world of blogging escapes me. I often journal in my mind, but lack the focus to write it all down. In truth, it's more time that I lack. It would probably be easier if I just carried around a tape recorder. Hell, I talk to myself enough. It'd be nice to catch the brilliant insight that often occurs when no one is around. I could text message myself with those thoughts, but then I'd suffer the wrath of arthritis, tendinitis or some bizarre thumb disorder. So until I find the true desire to blog. You'll have to be happy with the little that you get. So, here is a quick six month review of the life and times of the Johnson Clan.

Overall, we are doing well. Landon got a new job in August at the power plant in Vernal and he likes it for the most part. He is having to learn chemistry and hates that part of it. He is still a gun nut and is actually starting to get politically involved by emailing senators and congressmen. It's a cool thing to do, but he doesn't need to lecture the secretary of Parker's school on gun laws. Next time he goes to P.'s school, he'll be frisked. Oh wait, he has his conceal permit so it's okay! Thankfully he isn't too paranoid about black helicopters yet, but if we win the lotto, I'm sure we will have lots of land and a secured facility....I mean home.

Parker is flying through first grade. In fact, I'm starting to think he's bored since he stalls on doing his worksheets until his teacher threatens him with no recess. I wish his teacher had the time to teach more science and history, but they don't since the government bombards them with tests. I guess this means we get to teach it at home. Landon is quite excited by this. He was down right giddy when I told him the library has Bill Nye the Science Guy on VHS.

P. is just finishing up the bowling season. Yes, he picked bowling as his sport of choice for the winter. Landon and I have vowed that it will never happen again. You wouldn't consider bowling expensive at $25 a month, but then you add on lunch every weekend for $20-25 and it makes Owen's hockey look cheap. I know we could skip the lunch, but the bowling alley is one of the few decent places to eat in Vernal. Anyhow, this fall, we are going to highly encourage P. to play in hockey with Owen, especially since they will be on the same league. So if anyone has any hockey equipment that can be passed down, please send it our way! P. will also be starting soccer in a few weeks and most likely swimming lessons as well.

Owen is doing pretty well in kindergarten. He is always coming to me with amazing little facts. In fact, I'm convinced he knows more dinosaur facts than all of the employees at the Utah Field House Museum. O. is always on his best behavior at school. And he has also taken up singing. His favorite tune is currently the Ghostbusters theme song. It's not the singing that is so great, but his facial animation. It's like watching a cartoon whether he is singer, talking back or just twitching his eyebrows. He is the cause of a lot of shared laughter at our house.

Hockey season recently ended and while it should have been a relief since it started in September, Owen and I both ended up being quite sad. His love/hate relationship with the game, turned into full on love right after Christmas. He has already said that he wants a hockey birthday party, although I'm not sure how I'm going to do that with a May birthday since the ice rink is about to close for the season. He is ready for the next season to start, but until then Owen will also be playing soccer and learning how to swim.

Zoe....sweet Zoe! She is our ultimate bundle of attitude. I hear it's a girl thing, but all I can say is DAMN! She will wave her finger at you in a heartbeat if you are doing something she deems inappropriate. Unfortunately, inappropriate to Zoe, is anything that wasn't her idea. It adds for a lot of tears. She has already started the Stomp, Stomp, Slam! Stomp out of the room, stomp down the hall and slam her bedroom door. I didn't think that would happen until age 8.

She recently tried dance lessons, but has decided that she wants to play hockey instead. Thankfully she has to wait another year before she can play hockey. Until then, she'll start preschool next fall and participate in swimming lessons with her brothers.

As for me, well, I don't have much to report. I'm starting to run more and more. I'm enjoying the warmer weather since it means I can get outside more. I figure if I sign up for a race of some kind every few months, its the best way to keep one foot in front of the other. Oh, and I'm starting to plan my mom groups summer boot camp ladies, if you are reading this, we are going to have a helluva good time, but you might want to invest in a hot tub now so you can rest those tired muscles!


Brian and chelsea said...

yay for an update! It was really fun reading about your family's latest and greatest. I'm glad Landon's job is going well. Good luck with running - maybe do another post after those races?? ;)
Sooooo jealous of the mom-group activities!!

Jackie said...

Who would have thought I would miss Vernal BUT I DO! Have enough fun for the the both of us this summer. I still haven't met any good friends here. I can't understand why. I'm fun right?