Saturday, March 28, 2009

Zoe and the not so pretty hair!

The entertainment of children is endless. I'm sure I've said it before. The stupid things husbands allow children to do without thinking through the consequence is equally entertaining and aggravating. Here is an example of husband stupidity and Zoe mischief!

A couple of weeks ago, Landon decided it was time to give Parker and Owen haircuts. I'm sure you see where this is going. Owen likes a buzz cut while Parker prefers it spikey on top. To keep the house loose hair free, Landon took the boys and the kitchen stool to the front yard where he began using the electric clippers. Zoe sat on the porch watching contently, while I ran to the store. My gut feeling was to take her with me, but what could happen?! Landon's responsible, right?

Thiry minutes later I receive this message on my cell phone.

With two sets of clippers and Landon using one of those on Parker's hair, he never heard Zoe turn on set two. Now, everyone who knows Zoe, know you never turn your back on her! Some even say she is plotting to take over the world. I, in this particular case, think she just wanted to feel pretty and independent. She didn't quite understand what she had done at the time, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't the outcome she expected. Landon's first response was "Oh Zoe, your hairs not pretty anymore." He didn't laugh....then.

Later that night after lots and lots of laughter at Zoe's expense, we took a better picture. Go ahead and call it poor parenting to laugh at your kid, but you try not to laugh when they shave a quarter of their heard. After Zoe's bath, we let her look in the mirror for the first time. Her sadness and shock was immediate. She didn't cry, but she starred at herself intently for about five minutes. After getting into her pajamas, she quietly got her shoes and a knit beanie on then came to me to say, "Mommy, hat go buy, peeze?" I had planned on buying a couple of hats on Monday morning, but with a plea like that, there was no saying no. So at 8:30pm on Sunday night, Zoe and I ran to K-Mart and Wal-Mart where she picked out a Dora baseball hat, butterfly baseball hat, and three bandanas. There where still no smiles from the little lady, but she was satisfied. And even later in the evening, we got her to model her pink bandana with a smile.

The decision whether to shave her head or not was our next debate. Landon wanted to shave it, but after the consultation of my moms group and a local hair salon (where everyone had suggestions and snickers!) it was decided that Zoe will be going with the ultra conservatve republican comb over until it grows long enough to turn it into a cute pixie cut. Thankfully we live in Utah so a comb over will blend it well!

Two weeks later she still insists on wearing a hat or bandana if we leave the house.


Kamille said...

Ha, ha, ha!!!

Brian and chelsea said...

With a smile like that, she can get away with an unfortunate hair cut!
I love reading your posts - seriously, you're an extremely entertaining writer.
I would love reading your posts more often if you would DO them more often! C'mon lady - I know you're not busy doing anything else... like hosting fabulously fun events at your house... =)