Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Wasatch Back Relay....What Have I Done!!!

So there is excitement and terror in what I have done, but today with the help of Kamille, we created a team to run the Wasatch Back Relay. Oh, it should be fun and a bit crazy knowing us and most of those involved. Truth is, that if you are friends with me or Kamille...worse yet, me and Kamille, there isn't much sane about you.


So a team of 12...well, we are still two short, but they will come. (Any takers?) The Wasatch Back Relay, for those who don't know, is a 178 mile relay race that spans over 24 hours. It starts in Logan, Utah and ends in Park City, Utah. There is truly only one word to give this race justice.....ALTITUDE! Ha! You thought it was going to be a naughty word. I'm saving those for race day. Our van will probably need a dollar jar. And after we are done we will probably be able to buy a Park City timeshare.

Our next step, other than finding two more teammates (hint, hint!) is to name our team. Our two current possibilities are 1)WTF...I thought this was a 5k? AND 2) WWJD? Certainly NOT THIS! It's up for a vote among our ten runners, although I've temporarily named it #1, I have an equal fondness of the second. Yes, they are crude. My mother already chastized me, but as Kamille put it when hearing team name #1 was, "If that's the worst we hear during the run, we are doin' good!" Sometime Primary songs just don't cut it!

Well, I had to make a quite post to insure that there isn't much sane about me, but then...we already knew that!


Breezy Richins said...

I thought about joining you, but then after reading through the entire website, I thought better of it. Then after I passed it along to some of my friends I got plenty of "good luck with that" and quite a few of "are you freakin' crazy?"


Brian and chelsea said...

You're going to do awesome! Take lots of pics! And whoever does the last two legs get an award... they really are STRAIGHT UP!

See ya Tuesday hopefully!